NCLEX Essentials

No need to shuffle through all of your notes, our essential nursing tools has the information

  • 350+ Medications
  • 120 Classifications
  • 400+ NCLEX style drug questions with explanations
  • 700+ Flash Cards
  • 100+ Mnemonics
  • 55 Common Lab Values Reference
  • 55 Common Diagnostic Tests Reference
  • 9 Practical Nursing Tools

Focus your studies on only the fundamental nursing information to breeze past school and the NCLEX

Includes the ability to add your own notes and access the data on the Web, Android & IOS

Without a solid nursing foundation, you will always be playing catch up

Our 350+ drug database includes generic & trade names, mechanisms of actions, vital signs, labs, common/severe side effects, routes of administration, and nursing considerations

Our lab value and diagnostic reference categories contain vital information for every nurse to know: normal findings, indications, test explanation, results & clinical significance, as well as related tests

Our 9 practical nursing tools will ensure you have all of the necessary information at your fingertips: common abbreviations, common conversions, drug administration routes, and many more!

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Cement and test your understanding with our Mnemonic’s, Flash Cards, and NCLEX style question

Includes 100+ common mnemonics and brain tricks to help you retain the information

Study our entire drug database in a flash card form

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  • 30 Drug classifications
  • 1/10 Flash card section
  • 1/14 NCLEX style test
  • 2/9 Nursing tools
  • 20 Mnemonics
  • 10 Lab references
  • 10 Diagnostic references


Per member per month billed annually

  • 120 Drug classifications (350+ generic & trade names)
  • 10/10 Flash card section
  • 14/14 NCLEX style test
  • 9/9 Nursing tools
  • 100+ Mnemonics
  • 55 Lab references
  • 55 Diagnostic references
  • Mobile and Online versions
  • Ability to register and add notes on our drug database